As one fifth of the metalcore outfit known as August Burns Red, Matt Greiner has been raising the bar of the heavy-metal-drumming scene for some years now. His powerful, precise, fast, groovy and creative drumming has been turning heads and earning him accolades all over the world. With a very down to earth attitude and focused mind-set, Matt Greiner is on the way to becoming one of the greatest musicians heavy metal has ever seen.

At the age of 16, Matt Greiner purchased his first drum set, a chrome-finished Pearl Export that cost him a whole summer of mowing lawns. For the following two years he played every day in his parents’ basement. He then began performing for his church, a couple youth groups and whatever church events he was invited to take part in. When his family switched churches, he immediately became the main drummer for its youth group worship team. Being raised on Christian contemporary rock/worship music made him a perfect fit for those bands.

Matt’s interest in heavy-metal drumming and music began shortly thereafter. His first exposures to heavy metal happened on music festivals like Purple Door, Creation, and Cornerstone. Witnessing bands like Zao, Living Sacrifice, Project 86, and Beanbag perform live awoke something inside of him. Heavy-metal spoke to him in such a strong way that he inevitably began working on heavy-metal drumming.

In 2003, while attending high-school, Matt Greiner befriended guitarists JB Brubaker and Brent Rambler. Their mutual love for heavy-metal music led them to start playing together two weeks afterwards. Matt bought his first double-bass pedal (a Tama Iron Cobra), and they began writing hardcore music on Matt’s basement as August Burns Red. The band has gone on to release Grammy nominated, critically acclaimed albums.